Esmael James--my eldest son--

--Esmael to his classmates--

--Kuya Ej of our family--

Gabriel Benedict--my youngest--

--Gabriel to his classmates--

--Chockie of our family--

Time flies so quickly. My little boys are now growing up. For now they would still allow me to accompany them to school, even to their rooms. I know time will come that they'll tell me

"Mama, we can go to school on our own." That would make me feel sad..

I knew i had to let them go. To explore on their own. But i can't help but worry..

How can i let them go? With those bad stuffs outside just waiting for their next prey.

With their circle of friends, which we dont know whom to trust or not.

Those were only few of the reasons why im having doubts to let my kids go out on their own.

Its my worst fear..

To see one of my angels get hurt.

Now, all i can do is pray and ask for guidance.

For my kids to take the right path.

For them to grow up with trust and faith in Him.

And may they always love God, their family and themselves above everyone else.

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