im feelin’ bored tonight..
i need a cup of coffee to boost me up..
or a cup of hot choco maybe..
a pizza..or a pasta..
my comfort foods..
grrrr..foods again?
its just an hour ago since i last ate..
and now im feeling hungry again..
lemme’ check mah tummy..
no growls.. not hungry..
maybe am just really bored..
my kids are asleep..
my hubby?lemme’ check again..
hhmm..he’s playin’ PSP..
actually..a while ago,am readin’ a book..
“confessions of a shopaholic”
but i dont feel like reading now..
so am here..
stuck with our pc..
tryin’ to figure things out..
sounds odd..
what are those things am tyrin’ to figure out?
you dont know?
well i dont know either..
maybe am just sleepy..
but am not..i guess..
i wanted to do a certain thing but i dont know
what it is..
too much happiness..

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