Dearest ANGELS,

who knows how old you will be when you read this…time flies so fast when you’re having fun.when i first laid my eyes on you, i was amazed at how you resembled your papa so’re still young but i can tell you’ll grow up to be papa’s little boys.even when we take turns taking care of you and soothing your tears away, you always smile when your papa holds you.

but still i don’t believe it quite matches what i went through for you, and how i love you because of that and for many reasons birth is not that easy.there’s a saying that if it were easy raising kids it wouldn’t start with something called labor.that saying always cracks me up because its in general, don’t really know how hard it is, or how your body changes 100 percent because of pregnancy.but despite all these, its something i would go through twice again.knowing i’ll have you by the end of it.

its too early to say anything anyway, since its been six years, but i can’t imagine living or going back to my life before you came.i did all the partying and going out in my own time, and then you came,i guess God has His ways of telling me i’m ready for the next step.let me tell you something, i never thought i would be a mom.i still don’t feel like a mom sometimes coz i still feel like a kid can i have a baby when im still one?oh well! but if i were to be made to choose between my past and my future, i would chose my future coz you’ll be in it.

how i feel about you has no words..its hard to describe.but i’ll say this–i thought i knew love but then you came along, and you thought me the true meaning of it.i pray everyday you’ll grow up to be good boys,someone smart and intelligent.your papa and i had both the hardest time and the best time since you were born,and every single moment with you,no matter how hard,is worth it when you look at us and grip our hand.i hope and pray for nothing but the best for you,and whatever you do and decide to be in life,I WILL LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY.


Love and kisses,


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