These past few months,my son,Gabriel, was showing no interest in school.I was so upset then.I don't know what to do.I've tried everything just to make him like school again.I've scolded him.I tried to appeased him by buying all that he wanted before going to school.If he wanted to eat something from Jollibee then we'll go to Jollibee.If he wanted to buy something from the store outside the school campus then we'll go there and buy it.I even asked the help of his teachers.Before going to school i'm trying not to get mad at him or to his Kuya.If he sees that i'm angry he'll just sat in the corner of our room and he'll never go to school.I've tried talking to him and asked him what's the matter.Why he didn't want to go to school.No answer came from him.I just let him do what he wanted to do then.
Now,all's changed!He liked going to school again.He's back to the old Gabriel.The one who loved going to school.And i'm a happy mom again!

field trip

It's kiddos field trip tomorrow.They will go to Dolores Farm.The kids are so excited!They've already prepared their snacks and swimming gears.My kids love swimming.I love seeing them happy but i hate swimming.I don't know how to swim,that's why.But let's just see tomorrow.Hope i'll enjoy!!!


December's almost here.It's Gabriel's birthday month!I love organizing my kids' birthday parties.I spent too much money last year just for his games prizes and loot bags but it's okay.I've already started preparing for his birthday last September.I'm way out of my budget this time but it's still okay.What's important is that our guest will go home satisfied and happy.And it'll make the birthday boy happy too.
He wanted Plants vs. Zombies theme at first, but when he saw these Mickey Mouse toys,he changed his mind.I thought it's easy for me to find Mickey Mouse merchandise.Too bad i was wrong.I saw several MM toys and school supplies but that's it.No other stuff.That's why I bought toys and school stuff from different cartoon characters.
How I wish I could spill a little secret here but i really can't.It's a surprise for his birthday.The guests and the birthday boy will love it.
I'm now preparing the list of invitees.
I'm hoping that Gabriel's 7th birthday will turn out well.


back to school again!!!
and back to my same old routine...
but i love this job!!!
being a full-time mom makes my life complete!!!
i would never get bored...
i would never get tired...
this is my life!
this is what i want!
i love them,that's why...

Family Fun2-pictures

here are the pictures of our Davao family fun...

Family Fun

The Escal family went to Davao last Saturday, November 6,2010.We took five rooms at Apo View Hotel for our overnight stay.And of course Papa Bebot and Mama Annie paid for it.After we settled our luggages in our hotel rooms, we immediately went out for our "much needed" fun time--shopping--!!! First stop--Gaisano mall.My hubby, me and the kids had our lunch at their food court.Lots of food choices.We bought shirts for the kids,wigs for their cosplay event,and Gabriel's giveaways for his 7th birthday.We got so tired easily because of too much walking.We went back to the hotel and rest for a while.Hubby and the kids fell asleep while me, I went out to shop (again!) at NCCC mall.When I got back, the kids were watching tv.One hour of rest and off we went to SM mall!!!We bought toys from Toy Kingdom--kiddos favorite!--Had our dinner at SM foodcourt.
We were so tired that Zen,my sister-in-law,and I decided to have a massage.It was a soothing massage.And after it, I immediately fell asleep.
We woke up early the next day and had our breakfast at Entree, the hotel's restaurant.And we enjoyed havin' breakfast with the whole family.After our breakfast,we rest for a while then we checked out.We went to the cemetery to visit Lolo Simeon's grave--hubby's grandpa--And we went to SM mall.After we're done with our shopping,we went home with smiles on our faces.
We really enjoyed the trip with the people we loved the most!!