...love this song..

"now being without you
takes a lot of getting used to
should learn to live with it
but i dont want to
being without you was all a big mistake
instead of getting easier
its the hardest thing to take
im addicted to you baby
you're a hard habit to break..

"nice song right?its from Chicago..one of my fave bands..the same band who brought us "HARD TO SAY IM SORRY".."YOU'RE THE INSPIRATION".."IF YOU LEAVE ME NOW"..and the best of them all--i guess;)--""WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME"...

hah!i forgot to tell you the title of this song..its HARD HABIT TO BREAK--about a man who cant get over his feelings with someone whom he took for granted back when they're still together..so sad..

but that's life..that's love..why hold on if he/she's not happy with you anymore..you just have to let him/her go..even if hurts so much..even if its tearing your heart into million pieces..you have to let go

---dont take anyone for granted..you maybe happy..he/she may looked happy..but you
knew--or maybe you're just trying to deny it--that he/she's not happy with you..

LOVE is not just about love..its also about RESPECT and FREEDOM..there may be other aspects of it..but remember those two are always included to have a healthy relationship..

am to cheesy today..maybe because of that song am currently listening to while making this blog..
Belated Happy Hearts Day everyone..
hahaha..got nothin' to say...

cravin' for pasta..coffee..

yeah im craving for pasta..specifically with white sauce..using rigatoni pasta..
Zen--my sis-in-law made this delectable rigatoni pasta recipe with white sauce..
i forgot the name..silly me..so forgetful..
you see i only love to eat..eat..eat..and there were times that i dont even know the name of that certain food im eating..
its Baked Rigatoni with Bechamel Sauce..its really delicious..with melted cheese on top of it..hhmmm..so yummy..
pair it with Granita from Fagioli..
which reminds me--have you tried Fagioli's Durian coffee?
its so creamy with real durian bits in it..
got to try it once more--
gotta go now..im going to Fagioli and have my coffee break..hahaha
and for my pasta craving?i made spaghetti sauce,mix it with elbow mac,put cheese on top--lots of cheese..put it in an oven until the cheese melts..
now all i gotta do is find that book im currently reading..
The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho..
my thursday aftie is done..
so long everyone..
thanks for bearing with me...hehehe


im feelin’ bored tonight..
i need a cup of coffee to boost me up..
or a cup of hot choco maybe..
a pizza..or a pasta..
my comfort foods..
grrrr..foods again?
its just an hour ago since i last ate..
and now im feeling hungry again..
lemme’ check mah tummy..
no sounds..no growls..
uh..uh..am not hungry..
maybe am just really bored..
my kids are asleep..
my hubby?lemme’ check again..
hhmm..he’s playin’ PSP..
actually..a while ago,am readin’ a book..
“confessions of a shopaholic”
but i dont feel like reading now..
so am here..
stuck with our pc..
tryin’ to figure things out..
sounds odd..
what are those things am tyrin’ to figure out?
you dont know?
well i dont know either..
maybe am just sleepy..
but am not..i guess..
i wanted to do a certain thing but i dont know
what it is..
too much happiness..