These past few months,my son,Gabriel, was showing no interest in school.I was so upset then.I don't know what to do.I've tried everything just to make him like school again.I've scolded him.I tried to appeased him by buying all that he wanted before going to school.If he wanted to eat something from Jollibee then we'll go to Jollibee.If he wanted to buy something from the store outside the school campus then we'll go there and buy it.I even asked the help of his teachers.Before going to school i'm trying not to get mad at him or to his Kuya.If he sees that i'm angry he'll just sat in the corner of our room and he'll never go to school.I've tried talking to him and asked him what's the matter.Why he didn't want to go to school.No answer came from him.I just let him do what he wanted to do then.
Now,all's changed!He liked going to school again.He's back to the old Gabriel.The one who loved going to school.And i'm a happy mom again!


  1. hehe murag gibuhat naman nimo ang tanan para maconvince nimo sya nga mubalik ug school.its a good thing he loves going to school now.

  2. @lito--bitaw litz..thankful kau ko kay very patient pud iyang teacher..unta tuloy2 na ni..
    take care!!!will visit you soon!