December's almost here.It's Gabriel's birthday month!I love organizing my kids' birthday parties.I spent too much money last year just for his games prizes and loot bags but it's okay.I've already started preparing for his birthday last September.I'm way out of my budget this time but it's still okay.What's important is that our guest will go home satisfied and happy.And it'll make the birthday boy happy too.
He wanted Plants vs. Zombies theme at first, but when he saw these Mickey Mouse toys,he changed his mind.I thought it's easy for me to find Mickey Mouse merchandise.Too bad i was wrong.I saw several MM toys and school supplies but that's it.No other stuff.That's why I bought toys and school stuff from different cartoon characters.
How I wish I could spill a little secret here but i really can't.It's a surprise for his birthday.The guests and the birthday boy will love it.
I'm now preparing the list of invitees.
I'm hoping that Gabriel's 7th birthday will turn out well.

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