tHiS iS fOr yOu..(YoU kNoW wHo yOu aRe)

march 10,2009--

i opened my friendster account...
found eight friend requests...two were accepted..six were rejected..
i won't elaborate who were those rejected..
ive found two from a close friend..
the other?that's what ruined my day...
i dont want to dwell on this..
but its too much..
a too conceited..arrogant human being..
meddling other people's lives..
i cant imagine how someone in her right sense of mind can do such things..
at first she was sending me messages like as if she's a close friend of mine..
then all of a sudden,another message came..
telling me stupid things that im the one who ruined her life..
or if not because of me maybe she's not suffering right now..
why blame me for all those misfortunes that happened to her..

grow up gurl!
stop this stupidity!
you wanna ask me why these things happened to you?
its your own fault!
you made this mess yourself..
its not my fault..its not anybody's fault..
you have to move on..
got me?

why am i telling all this things now..
i dont even know if you'll understand this..
but least try to understand every single word here..
its for you..its for your own good..
im not talking to you like im an expert..
im talking to you as a an ex-friend rather..
stop pestering me..or anyone close to me and *****..
we dont need you in our lives..
i dont want to see you..or even just a glimpse of you..

you knew i didn't hate you before..
its just now..
because of these stupid moves you've made..
you knew i could be your friend..
you knew you can count on me..
but you took me for granted..
remember what i told you before?
"for me past is should be buried deep if its hurtin' you..
you have to forget every single details of it"
i thought you've done it..
forget about it..buried it..
but you've kept it...
worst part--you've reminded me of it..
even if you knew its hurtin' me..
even if you knew it upsets me..
hope you'll come to your senses..
and you'll understand that these things you've done..
its not makin' you happy..
it only worsens your hatred..
it wont bring you up..
it will only drag you down..


  1. morning cheesy check! hehe, i liked this.......,,,,it reminds me of smething....,i dont wanna hear....ahhhh,,,,forgettttt it! and guess wat?? its 2:35 in the morning nw... gotta go.. niced,niced,niced!

  2. @babylou ang baby louise
    thanks a lot for the comment..:-)