i love them so much..

My Angels...

i wonder what would my life be without them..

they're my life..my everything..

they're my strength..my heroes..

EJ will be in grade one soon..

another step..

but i hope it wont be a step away from me..
you know kids these days..

they wanted freedom..

GABRIEL,he's still a baby for me..

i may sound overprotective...

but everywhere they go..

whatever they do..

i always make sure am just behind them..

some said i had to let them go..

i had to let them decide for themselves..

or i had to teach them the real things in this world..

but i cant..

just by seeing them hurt really breaks my heart..

i knew im not acting right..

i knew im overprotective..

but what can i do..

im their mom..

i dont want them to get hurt..

i dont want them to experience difficulties in life..

any mom there who let her kids get hurt?

raise your hand and give me the basics how did you do it..

share it with me..

but just make sure that while you did it..

you're not hurting yourself seeing them cry..

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  1. Was just passing by your page today. Yes kids are ones little angels from above. They grow so fast if you blink all to soon they have grow, Enjoy the days now for tomorrow there gone. Great kids. Stop by my page and check it out.