I'm sorry...

I'm sorry for being so childish sometimes.I know it's annoying whenever I argue with you over that "facebook" thing.Just forgive me dear.I'm so addicted to it.
I'm sorry for i don't know how to cook.I just don't have a passion for it.But I will try to learn soon.Be patient please.
I'm sorry for being a sleepyhead.As you know I really love the comfort of our bed.Wake me up if you need something okay?
I'm sorry if i spent longer hours at the mall.I just wanted to enjoy.And I want the kids to enjoy.You see,they love playing the video games.And I love shopping too.:D
I apologize for all these shortcomings my love.But this is me.I will try to be sane little by little.Don't rush me.These may take longer time.

P.S.--I'm sorry,I only wrote my basic mistakes:D
I love you dear.

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