i'm 26!

another year older...
another year of precious times with my loved ones...
another year of life...

i started my day with a prayer...
thanking God for giving me the greatest gift of all...
my life...


  1. Hi CHic!

    Birth month mo pala ang April? Happy Happy Birthday and best wishes to you!

  2. @Rosilie
    yup april 25 to be exact...

  3. ahh! belated happy birthday to you Chic! musta? sorry if i wasn't able to visit you for the past days. grabe ui. super busy jud ko ba in school and everything! super stressed na gani ko. huhu.

    anyway, how was your birthday?

  4. @Maxi
    thanks...simple dinner lang lang with my family..krisis ngaun..di na uso ang bonggang partee..hehehe..
    ayaw pasobra ug ka busy kay bsi makalimot na ka sa blog..wa na ko ma-visit..hehehe

  5. mao lagi chic ui! wala nako kavisit sa mga blogs sa mga friends nato. hay... but soon, mahuman na tanan. one month more to go!

    ay ay... nag follow nako sa blog nimo. actually, twice... one follow for my www.ovahcoffee.com na blog and one follow for my www.healthnbeyond.com na blog. hehe.

    and sure, you can always grab my badge. ikaw pa!

    mao jud. krisis karon sa pinas. but at least, enjoy ka sa imong birthday. mao na ang importante, diba?

    last saturday diay, my boyfriend and i celebrated our 3rd anniversary. dinner ra pud ui with his family. hehe. enjoy pud maski na simple dinner ra.

    ayo ayo... mwah

  6. Happy birthday to you, you're 26! wow! how could you have lived a life that long? heheeh

    God bless!

  7. Happy Happy birthday day my friend. i hope you have a wonderful one and that you have many many more to come.

  8. belated happy birthday ate... ate na lang ang itatawag ko sa iyo huh

  9. oppsss.. belated happy b-day to you.!!!!